About me

Hi, my name is Lucy and I’m a mum of 2 little monsters based in Southampton.  In between caring for them and my day job as a legal secretary I enjoy playing with maps and paper.

First frame ever createdSo a bit of background about what I do. I started whilst on maternity leave after having my daughter. My sister announced she was getting married and I knew she’d really appreciate a handmade and sentimental gift. I had seen a few ideas I liked but nothing quite fit the bill.  I decided to make her something myself. The resulting frame shocked me with just how effective it was.  Suddenly my mind went into overdrive with possibilities for gifts based on those treasured moments and locations that mean so much to us…and so Memories Mapped was born.

Now, as well as making frames using genuine maps, I also enjoy combining vintage and pretty maps with origami to make unique items.

So that’s me and the business in a nutshell.